CAMS® Enterprise Benefits

CAMS Enterprise features a wide range of benefits for users:

checkmark Completely Web-based.   CAMS® Enterprise is 100-percent Web-based making it quick to roll-out and giving students, staff, faculty and administrators real-time access to the information they need anytime and anywhere. Designed specifically to run inside an Internet browser, CAMS Enterprise eliminates the need for costly hardware upgrades. As needs grow, an institution simply adds extra processors and servers; the load automatically re-balances. This advanced n-tier architecture supports thin clients, requires no client maintenance and provides unlimited access to CAMS Enterprise over an existing LAN or Internet connection. Staff, faculty and students all benefit from the same, consistent user interface with data safely stored in an SQL server.

checkmark Powerful Reporting.   CAMS Enterprise includes hundreds of built in reports and with its unique parameter-driven "Build-Your-Own-Report" functionality, users have complete control over their data so they can generate the reports they need, when they need them. Users can also easily construct and save ad hoc queries based on user-defined criteria and then display data within the Internet browser with a single click. For further analysis and presentation by off-the-shelf products, users can export data from CAMS Enterprise through many standard formats including XML. Data can also be merged with Microsoft Office products.

checkmark Smart Design.   Three Rivers Systems programs are developed as objects that are shared with the portals and throughout CAMS Enterprise — make a change once and it is used by all other functions. In CAMS Enterprise data is shared across all functions, enabling real-time access to information by all constituents. This modern data structure promotes efficiency, normalization, and reliable storage.

checkmark Microsoft Partnership.   As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Three Rivers Systems Inc.
built CAMS Enterprise to use standardized Microsoft technologies, eliminating incompatibility concerns and giving IT departments the flexibility and control they need to advance their institutions. In addition, Gold Certified Partner status gives our customers a strategic position within the IT community. Compatibility with Microsoft and other open standards eliminates incompatibility concerns, release delays and unexplainable problems. As a preferred partner,
Three Rivers Systems Inc. also receives early access to new releases of all the development tools, servers and Microsoft Office products, which in turn enables us to release updates and new products in a timely manner.

checkmark Implements Efficiently.   With its parameterized and rule based architecture, implementing
CAMS Enterprise is quick and easy. Fully automated procedures install the entire system intelligently and efficiently, so CAMS Enterprise can be up and running faster than any other academic ERP. And CAMS Enterprise conforms to your standard practices and procedures, rather than forcing you to change the way you do business.

checkmark Increases Interaction.   CAMS Enterprise application, student, faculty and alumni portals assist institutions in the creation of online environments without the hassle of set up and integration between existing systems. These fully integrated portals share the same data fields and information across systems, resulting in a central repository that provides accurate, real-time data with minimal system maintenance. CAMS Enterprise is the only solution on the market that offers this combination of integration and functionality.

checkmark Intuitive User Interface.   Learning to use CAMS Enterprise is just as easy as learning an Internet browser. CAMS Enterprise uses the familiar point-and-click interface of today's Web browser to bring your data to your desktop. Navigation is clear and consistent, enabling staff to move throughout the system without retraining.

checkmark Technology Works For You, Not Against You.   Learning to use CAMS Enterprise runs on standard hardware from reputable vendors, and is designed to be highly efficient and avoid wasting hardware resources. Built entirely with COM objects, CAMS Enterprise streamlines the server-side installation and eliminates the client-side installation requirements.

checkmark Maximizes Efficiency.   All CAMS Enterprise functions are designed to be multi-user, allowing you to work simultaneously independently of others. CAMS Enterprise modules and portals are completely integrated to unify user data, eliminate the need for multiple systems and automate administrative tasks.

checkmark Empowers IT department.   All Three Rivers Systems solutions require no client maintenance, enabling your technology staff to spend time building the institution's strategic capabilities, not troubleshooting desktop client software.

checkmark Planning With Confidence.   CAMS Enterprise users purchase a one-time license fee, allowing their institutions to grow without penalty.

checkmark Frees Up Network.   CAMS Enterprise minimizes network traffic because by design data and data processing reside on the server. This architecture enables rapid deployment of system updates, easy hardware upgrades and better infrastructure use that frees up resources.

checkmark Works Across Platforms.   Designed as a browser-independent resource for communication and interaction, CAMS Enterprise portals enable students, faculty, administrators and alumni to access live, up-to-date information and services 24/7.

checkmark Eliminates Technology Boundaries.   We build our solutions using industry standard technologies like XML, SQL, HTML, SMTP, Active Directory, LDAP and SOAP. These enable you to extend your IT capabilities with standard tools.

checkmark Take Advantage of SQL Databases.   CAMS Enterprise uses the secure, single shared Microsoft SQL database environment provided by Microsoft SQL Server and structures the data so it can be expanded without limitations. In addition, CAMS Enterprise operates in an OLTP — or Online Transaction Processing — environment that guarantees system data integrity and complete transactions.

checkmark Secure Data.   Building a database is hard work. CAMS Enterprise secures it. CAMS Enterprise employs full data audit trails and role-based security, allowing users to manage access with a high degree of granularity — by record, by course, by student and by object. Additionally, CAMS Enterprise uses secure socket layer, SSL, communications and encryption.

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